How can you get a bad credit loan without getting your score card checked?

People with bad credits finds it difficult to find new credit details without having their scorecard checked or credit history. If you have bad credits then you need to know exactly about your credit report before applying for a loan. Many people think getting quick bad credit loans for people with terrible credit is difficult to get the loan, but there are options available to get it done. There are some of the ways that is used to get loans for bad credits without getting score card checked.

Approach a lender directly

If you have bad credits or with no credit history, you can approach the payday lenders directly and this will make some options to provide some other income documents to prove them that you can repay the amount. By doing this lender understands about you and they can consider your documents so that they will take your application into consideration. Things to keep in mind or to be prepared to give prove your creditworthiness. Some of the documents you can submit to improve your chance of getting loans higher and the lender will make the chance of getting approved. You can provide your Tax returns for past two to three years, you can provide your employment history, you can provide the history of the loans which you have already paid or currently paying for reference, your bank details that are your bank statements. These improve the chances of getting approval for loans without score card checked.

Where can you get loans without getting a scorecard check?

  1. Online Lenders
  2. Credit Union
  3. Payday loan companies

Experienced Online lenders such as Upstart and lending club provide loans with bad credits and they only need one or two accounts in your credit report. They will check into the details of financial reports rather than checking into the credit details.

Credit Union

Credit union members will find easy to get a loan without credit check, these credit unions are offering loans with good terms and they will be collecting information apart from credit details. Credit union membership is based on the place where you stay and your employment.

Payday loan companies

A payday loan is another option for getting loans without credit check and this loan comes with high fees and short replacement period. So people find this is also an easier way to get loans with bad credit and without a credit check.

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