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Streaming Video is a technology for buffering and compressing data that allows you to broadcast multimedia content (video) over the Internet in real time. Streaming video is a fairly fashionable trend in consumer technology today.

The Right Streaming

In other words, streaming video is the process of converting video and audio content into compressed digital format and its subsequent distribution through computer networks. Compressed data can be easily delivered using computer networks due to their small size. Video and audio can be continuously streamed or delivered on demand. To watch movies online on 123movies it is important to know the following:

  • Online video streaming is similar to the standard TV broadcast. The software is used to convert media files into a suitable format that is suitable for delivery over the Internet.
  • These indicators are highly dependent on how fast the video can be transported over the network. In the Akamai research work, it was discovered that after 2 seconds of launch delay, customers begin to refuse at a rate of 5.8% for an additional second. They also believe that longer (and more numerous) braking leads to failure. Finally, high-quality video is more enjoyable to watch, so it’s important to avoid pixel and low-quality video.
  • Thus, we want every client to take a quick start, high quality video and without braking. But we also know that we have no control over the network conditions or the device used to view our video content.

The screenshots in this article are from AT & T Video Optimizer, a free tool that captures network captures on your mobile device. It evaluates network traffic against ~ 40 best ways to improve the performance of your application’s network. In addition to video, it also views images, text files, connections, and other network performance features.

How can we ensure fast and regular video delivery?

When it comes to streaming video, the best way to ensure fast delivery of high-quality video is to have several different bitrates of the same video available for download. In HLS, a video request begins with the delivery of the manifest file. This file (often with a .m3u8 extension) lists the available video encodings for the video to be delivered. Each line of this text file contains information about the available streams. In the following diagram, I extracted critical information from a video stream:

The first thing you might notice is the identifier column, which does not correspond to the order a bit. There are values ​​1-7, but the list starts with 3. Each identifier displays the

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