Going deeper into the duo queue experience

Duo queue mode is one of the most helpful tools in the game of League of Legends to advance further in the same. Unlocked at certain higher levels, this tool comes as a saviour to win the games as the difficulty rises eventually. When I cleared the requisite level for duo mode to get activated, I got teamed up with one of the other players who have a skill equivalent to mine and then the both of us played the further matches together to increase the win streak. Fortunately, my partner turned out to be the best and now we have together jumped from Gold level to Grandmaster level. Hence this content would be a guide on how to choose the ideal and best duo queue partners.

My parameters

The following were the parameters that I considered while searching for my duo queue partner and they gave me the best partner that I could have ever asked for:

  • After shortlisting the desired skill players from an official LoL duo partners’ forum, I went for individual chats with each and carefully analyzed their way of conversation and gameplay to determine if either of these could resonate with mine. This is the primary factor that every player should consider as resonance is the defining factor for how strong a duo would be and hence affect the results of the incoming matches.
  • The second factor that I looked for is the fun factor within the player. This is important in the sense that it deepens the team relation. Whenever the duo ends up losing a match, one would not entertain any form of blame games and would rather prefer that partner who can lighten up the mood and give assurance for better performance in the next matches.
  • The third factor would be working well as a team. Before every match, a proper discussion should be inculcated to discuss the overall strategy and then stick to the same irrespective of the conditions. Hence looking for a partner who stays on the same page always is a must.
  • Finally, choosing a partner with the same set of future plans in the game earns brownie points as this decides how far the duo can go together as a team in the future.

Hence, on a personal experience playing duo queue matches are uphill tasks, but with perfect partners beside one, he or she can overcome these easily and the mentioned parameters would be some good shots in choosing the best.

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